Saturday, May 7, 2011

Royal Weddings from the Past - Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein & Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg (1982)

Once upon a time, real Princes used to marry real Princesses from far far away. Just 30 years ago, the story was repeated but both families (aka Principalities) weren't that far from each other: Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Prince Nikolaus Ferdinand Maria Josef Raphael of Liechtenstein married Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg (born Princess Margaretha Antonia Marie Félicité of Luxembourg). 

He was the third son of Franz Joseph II, Prince of Liechtenstein and his wife Countess Gina von Wilczek. She was the fourth child and second daughter of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte of Luxembourg. As of today, she bears the titles Princess of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau, Princess of Parma, Princess of Liechtenstein and Countess of Rietberg. 

This marriage means that current sovereigns, Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg share common members in their families. Sweet! And no wonder they are so close!

While doing some research about this wedding, first I stumbled upon some pictures in black & white only, wishing I could see them in color. It was just a matter of time (and seconds) before I found them! They married on March 20th, 1982, at Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg.

Grand Duke Jean walking his daughter to the altar - the kiss on the balcony

Then Hereditary Grand Duke Henri with Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess Joséphine, Grand Duke Henri, bride and groom, Archduchess Marie-Astrid, Archduke Carl Christian, Princess Marie Aglae, Prince Hans-Adam

Princess Margaretha with her mother, Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte and then with her father.

Among the guests, then Princess Paola and Prince Albert, future Queen and King of Belgium.

Paola, Albert and Archduchess Marie-Astrid (the bride's older sister) and her husband, Archduke Carl Christian of Austria. This photo made me wish to see MA's outfit in color!

Queen Fabiola and King Baudouin of The Belgians and his older sister, Grand Duchess Joséphine Charlotte and Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg.

Henri and Maria Teresa. Look how young! they were just married for one year in this picture and already had a four-month baby - Guillaume - at home!

On the right, Archduchess Marie-Astrid and Archduke Carl Christian. They had just married one month prior to this photo.

Group photo with the Luxembourger and Belgian side of the family.

Ah, color photos! look at all the details of the gown: I read it was designed by Balmain.

(I totally dedicate this photo to Order of Splendor)

No wonder Marie-Astrid was one of the most beautiful women of her time - and even a serious contender as a bride for Prince Charles - because she looks stunning and I could see people wearing something similar to this nowadays and still look dashing.

Hereditary Grand Duchess Maria Teresa looked lovely too but her outfit aged more than Marie-Astrid's.

Second group photo: is it me or we can see Queen Sofia of Spain, her brother King Constantine of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie?