Monday, June 13, 2011

Guests at the wedding of Matilde Borromeo and Prince Antonius von Furstenberg

Pierre Casiraghi, his brother Andrea and his girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo, top model Eva Herzigova and Margherita Missoni, were among those attending the wedding of Matilde Borromeo and Prince Antonius von Furstenberg that was held in the Isola Bella (Borromean Islands), in the north of Italy.

The groom, Antonius - the son of Prince Heinrich and Princess Maximiliane of Windisch-Gratz - arrived with his mother at the magical palace enclave on Lake Maggiore. Most guests arrived at the ceremony by boat. For one of the most important days in the life of his young son, the proud mother was radiant in a flowing gown of aqua color that blended perfectly with her son's tie, who also opted for blue.

Prince Antonius and his mother, Princess Maximiliane

While the photographer could not capture a picture of the bride, the fact is that the wedding was attended by numerous members of European nobility, officers and members of the Italian society. The royal touch was given by the children of Princess Caroline of Monaco who chose very different looks to attend: while Andrea went for comfortable, casual clothing, Pierre chose to wear an elegant gray suit and tie.

Pierre Casiraghi, looking so much like his late dad Stefano
Andrea Casiraghi, in his casual self

For her part, Tatiana Santo Domingo, Andrea Casiraghi's girlfriend, was one of the guests that caught the attention upon arrival at the link because, true to herself, opted for an asymmetrical dress very spring which combined with silver flat sandals and a handbag in orange tones.

Tatiana Santo Domingo and Margherita Missoni

Belonging to one of the most illustrious families of Italy since the medieval times, Matilda is Beatrice Borromeo - Pierre's girlfriend - sister, which we could not see his arrival at the ceremony, as well as Isabella and Lavinia. The latter two came to link their respective owner accompanied by husbands and children. 

Lavinia Borromeo and husband John Elkann and their two sons, Leone and Oceano
Isabella Borromeo and husband Ugo Brachetti Peretti
So, Isabella , who wore a pretty dress with rhinestone embroidery, came with her ​​husband, Ugo Brachetti Peretti , while Lavinia, who married John Elkann , heir to the Fiat empire in 2004 in Isola Bella, was accompanied for their children, Leone and Oceano, which were the ​​pageboys at the wedding of their aunt.