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Friday, February 24, 2012

Princess Madeleine of Sweden moves in with her boyfriend in New York

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is ready to take her relationship with boyfriend Chris O’Neill to the next level. According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, Madeleine and Chris will move into a four-bedroom luxury apartment in Manhattan together.
The Princess moved to New York almost two years ago to start over after splitting from her fiancé and boyfriend of eight years, Jonas Bergström.
Her ex was last seen with his new girlfriend, Stephanie af Klerker, an old friend of Madeleine’s, at the wedding of Robin af Byren and Tin-Tin Rosén: Emma Pernald, Prince Carl Philip's ex, and her new boyfriend Tomas Jonson also attended the nuptials.
Although financial adviser Chris has been properly introduced to the royal family, the news of Madeleine moving in with him apparently hasn't gone down too well with her parents.
With eldest daughter Crown Princess Victoria now on maternity leave, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia were hoping Madeleine would take over some of her duties, but her permanent residency in the US means this will prove difficult.
According to Expressen, Madeleine has told her parents she does not want to take over any of her sister’s duties and has no intention of leaving New York where she has forged a new life for herself.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden moves in with her boyfriend in New York
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3 Royal Comments:

Anonymous said... March 26, 2012 at 5:17 AM

I was became a husband for Swedish Princess Madeleine Bernadotte in 1995 in Kiev, in the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1997 we signed Swedish a document in the presence of a Swedish lawyer and we were become legally husband and my wife H.R.H. Madeleine Thérèse Amélie Joséphine ( Committing a criminal act, the use of hypnosis techniques "wipe memory" (her psi-agents and psi-operators), forgery documents, deception to Swedish lawyers and etc., which helped her until 2011. Hapless Mr. Christopher O’Neil (USA) he as well as Mr. Jonas Bergström (Sweden)...were applied to them "a hypnotic coding" (personal request her) the latter case - a cynical desire for money. It was not be even true for Mr. Jonas Bergström (she was in sexual connection with the officers-hypnotists)...and what she is crook - she accused of infidelity to Mr. Jonas Bergström. She was lucky to deceive the court in Germany - the media did not know, she was doing abortions from my children... They had to make a request to Ukraine, she made abortions in Kiev. Her cynical interested again in the money "compensation" from the press for alleged "untruth in the publication." My statement ignored Swedish the Royal Court - to make a request to law enforcement authorities of Ukraine and Sweden for the years 1993-2007, and in the psychiatric clinic of Ukraine and Sweden about Princess of Sweden Madeleine Bernadotte ... There are witnesses, interesting photos, videos, and documentary materials ... I was a citizen of Sweden, I had work at the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine, I received an award in Sweden for exposing the conspiracy of hypnotists in Stockholm (but her dad and she continued to work with them). But the main thing that she and her father paid a bribe to investigators in the Ukraine to escape justice ... I was able to survive after it organized an attempt on my life ... I was able to survive after the attack on my health, Princess Madeleine of Sweden with officers intelligence service was use psychotropic chemicals to me ... I trust her then. For the sake of the future and just for the sake of eternal love, while I'm alive, I will testify to all this. - My memory was restored in late 2011. And I hope to help the victims' relatives ferry "Estonia" ( Since she and her dad for a psi-agents (psi-operators) in 1994, paid money for "apparatus installation techniques of hypnosis" from the closed "Institute of Applied Science" the KGB, but because of sabotage - the apparatus with the ferry (to address the Swedish Parliament) is not raise from the bottom of the sea. Bless God me ... I was lucky ... Then I was escape out of the Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm in Kiev. I was able to fight in the Port Stockholm, but they chased me in Kiev. Long time restored my health doctors, I went through litigations and forensics examination. Power and money have no power over me - I not only hereditary nobleman by birth, I think need to the nobleness of the soul for H.R.H. Madeleine Bernadotte and her dad.

Anonymous said... March 30, 2012 at 11:33 AM

When the my memory came back to me - Princess Madeleine ordered three times during 1993-2007 destroy my memory. And her sexual partners (officers psi-agents and psi-operators) were doing it. In 2007, the last time in Kiev was my wife H.R.H. Princess Madeleine, and the last time hypnotists me chased for meeting (they followed on my routes of movement, they chased me all years 1993-2007). She had never talked with me as a wife with her husband (always only through the mediation of hypnotists) - they made me sign some documents in the presence of the King of Sweden. - Forever for me to remain a symbol of the Holy Mother Virgin Mary and my Ukrainian mother, my love of motherhood. When I was in the hospital, next to me was just my Ukrainian mom, she sang Ukrainian songs to me, she showed me pictures from my childhood that that the I remembered... Because psychotropic chemicals, which pricked in me and forced me drank - I could not speak, not look, I could not write a statement to law enforcement agencies. My wife H.R.H. Madeleine Bernadotte not was with me in the most difficult days.- In Stockholm and Kiev have always made taken the decision to have an abortion in Princess Madeleine from conceiving my two children - only she, her father King of Sweden and hypnotists (psi-agents, psi-operators). - Even at the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine, my wife asked to a group hypnotists: "You make to wipe the memory in my Duke Mr. Krupski." To me, it does not show mercy from her, but they are had goodness: "If we do this, then will be destroyed the kernel of consciousness therein, and he will become handicapped person". She stood on the white line (the symbol of the border territories of the two states), she was wearing a beautiful blue dress and her crown on her head, in this hall stood near her father the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf.- She was kneeling on the threshold of my church, she wrote a long letter on paper in Russian, "Forgive me!" and kept it in his hands, and so met me. Nearby stood her father, Queen Silvia of Sweden and the hypnotist-telepath. She told her father: "I tried to wipe out for you in his memory, he remembered again." When I came to her apartment in Kiev, where she read the documents of the foundation her mother, I brought to her my notes. There was officer-hypnotist state servant of Ukraine, who worked with her father in Stockholm. She ordered him to destroy my memory, and agreed with him about sex with him as payment for this the act. - Me was forcibly taken away from my the apartment her hypnotist, he told me as a "made coded hypnosis in psyche Mr. Jonas Bergström have sympathy for the Princess Madeleine", that Princess Madeleine ordered a meeting with me near the subway station in Kiev, she waiting in the car Princess Madeleine, and she told: "For me, they were search the Swedish male Mr. Jonas Bergström. It is a little boy, I'll be his first woman. For me do not need you, even if you love me. Go away to live with Russian women to give birth children with them...Get out from my car!" - She came to me in Kiev with a group of hypnotists, telepaths and clairvoyants (the state security services). They said they would be short her connection with Mr. Jonas Bergström (Sweden), so they picked for her Mr. Christopher O’Neil (USA) with money. What they tried to persuade Chris O’Neil to be with her, to become a member of the Royal family, he will be with “a legend he are supposedly from Prince Charles, so he paid them for these services, what he said: "Princess Madeleine Bernadotte do not like me, she have no money, she has a bad figure, she have the strangeness of nature".

Anonymous said... December 11, 2013 at 12:52 AM

Hey, what can I say? I couldn't have told it any better myself.
The King of Sweden, himself