Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lillepigen: new family portrait for Princess Mary, Crown Prince Frederik and little prince Christian (photos)

In the same week the Spanish royals presented their baby princess to the world, regal fans were treated to another touching portrait - that of Denmark's 18-month-old Prince Christian gazing lovingly at his two-week-old sister.The heart-warming snap was just one of several official images to come out of an intimate Fredensborg Palace photo session featuring the youngest member of the Danish royal family. In another shot, the little princess - who is revealed to have a shock of dark hair - nestles against the shoulder of Princess Mary, while her clearly besotted dad, Prince Frederik, gazes fondly at his younger daughter. In line with tradition the baby's name will not be revealed until the christening, which will take place on July 1. Meanwhile, royal watchers have dubbed the baby Lillepigen - Danish for "little girl" - after Frederik told journalists that was the nickname he and his wife have been using to refer to their daughter. The baptism ceremony, which will be held in the chapel at Fredensborg Palace, is expected to be a less formal affair than that of Prince Christian, which took place January 2006 in the lavish setting of Christiansborg Palace Chapel.