Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pass on a Royal fee

NICE girls don't kiss and tell. Just look at Kate Middleton. Since her break-up with Prince William, her name has become synonymous with the phrase (hex 18)dignified silence' and in a week that has seen her turn down guest appearances on reality TV shows Hell's Kitchen and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, (hex 18)dignified' really is the operative word.
A sane person could be forgiven for wondering why any girl, not to mention one as classy as Middleton, would be tempted to appear on a programme that not only forces contestants to live in jungle squalor for weeks at a time, but is also single-handedly responsible for unleashing Jordan and Peter Andre onto the world.
Why would Middleton ever want to subject herself to the ritual humiliations and barrage of obscenities that would, no doubt, be hurled her way in the kitchen of super-chef Gordon Ramsey? But that would be overlooking one all- important detail: The Fee.
And this, it seems, is the real testimony to Middleton's mettle, as she was reportedly offered (hex A3) 500,000 per show -- not exactly peanuts for the daughter of an ex-air hostess accused of not being posh enough for the prince. But it seems Kate is not that kind of girl, which is something the Royals could do with.
Indeed, they might well benefit from a few PR lessons from the silent but stylish Middleton, who with each passing day manages to appear far more regal than the Royals themselves.
But that's unlikely to happen now she and Will are no more. And as the Windsors know only too well: you can't buy class.