Friday, June 15, 2007

State visit from Norway royals to Finland

The Norwegian royal couple during welcoming ceremonies in Helsinki.
Here's the queen arriving at a luncheon held in the Norwegian royals' honor after their arrival in Helsinki on Tuesday.

Queen Sonja and King Harald spent three days on a state visit to Finland this week. This photo was taken just after they stepped off the royal yacht, KS Norge.
Finland's president Tarja Halonen (second from right) and her husband Pentti Arajarvi were the hosts for their royal guests from Norway.
Queen Sonja and King Harald arriving at Sandudden cemetery in Helsinki, where they laid wreaths on war memorials.
Queen Sonja laying a wreath at a monument to the Norwegians who died during the Winter War.
Norway's popular ski jumping team has a Finnish coach, Mika Kojonkoski, who bowed deeply upon meeting Queen Sonja at a gala in Helsinki held during the state visit.
Queen Sonja, who turns 70 next month, wore a bright yellow gown to the gala banquet in Helsinki.

Here's Norway's queen on her way into a seminar at the Jean Sibelius Academy in Helsinki Wednesday morning.
Queen Sonja during a press conference in Helsinki on Tuesday.
King Harald and Queen Sonja arriving at Hanaholmen for a seminar on "Women, Peace and Security - Conflict Resolution with Gender Equality."
The queen met women from Sudan during the seminar on women, peace and security.

Queen Sonja and King Harald arriving at a concert in Helsinki Wednesday evening.