Wednesday, August 1, 2007

[Denmark] CP Frederik & Mary: a very active couple!

After a relaxing holiday cruising the waters of Croatia with their children, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark enjoyed a change of pace this week. Back on home turf the sporty couple mounted up - on two different forms of transport - to explore the area around Grasten Palace, the family's summer residence in southern Denmark.
While Australian-born Mary led the way as the pair ventured out into the Palace grounds on horseback, her 39-year old husband took the lead when the duo switched to two-wheels.
A spell at the Palace is a regular element in the Danish royals' summer. The modern main house - believed to be where Hans Christian Andersen wrote A Little Match Girl - features Venetian doors opening onto manicured lawns and gravel walkways, making it the ideal place for a family to unwind. And, good news for the pair's 19-month-old son Christian and his three-month-old sister Isabella, it's also close to one of the country's main amusement parks.