Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pictures to put end to rumours of royal rift

A RELATIONSHIP on the rocks? These are the photographs Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark are hoping will end persistent rumours about their marriage.
Taken outside their family home in Fredensborg, Denmark, the photos feature the couple in loving poses.
Over the past year, the couple has endured speculation over an alleged affair between Crown Prince Frederik and his former girlfriend, a Danish underwear model. A book titled Copenhagen 1015 K - a reference to the Copenhagen district where the royal palace is located - by Danish royal reporter Trine Villemann, outlines the prince's alleged long-term love for model Katja Storkholm Nielsen.
There have also been rumours of tension between Tasmanian-born Princess Mary and the royal family, in relation to the couple's prenuptial agreement.
In a revealing interview with a Danish newspaper, Prince Frederik said his family was as united as ever.
"From when the children were infants, it has actually been the case that Mary and I have had our evenings together, so that in fact we have been able to sit down, drink a glass of wine and look each other in the eyes and say 'Phew, we made it this far!'," he told Berlingske Tidende.
Princess Mary said Christian, 2, and Isabella, 8 months, had brought the couple closer. Her husband explained: "Christian is no longer sleeping in our bedroom, but he did until he was about 10months ... Isabella is, of course, still with us. We have contact with Christian too during the night via his baby alarm, so if he has a bad dream, or there is something else, we can quickly get to him."
Of her children, Princess Mary said: "Isabella is generally far more tempermental than Christian. He was an unusually calm and mild baby. Isabella can be really, really happy and then she can be really, really angry. But when she smiles, you're helpless."