Friday, September 19, 2008

Is Princess Eugenie showing a bit more than a Royal ought to?

Her outfits are becoming increasingly daring - and her latest was no exception. Princess Eugenie showed a generous decolletage as she partied at Mayfair nightclub Whisky Mist. She threatened to spill out of her floral dress as she fell into a waiting cab in the early hours after a raucous evening accompanied by a male companion.The 18-year-old's dress sense has become more and more risque since she finished her A Levels this summer. She has become a firm fixture on the social scene. Two weeks ago she wore a mini skirt, hot pink low-cut top, and bright pink shoes as part of a Barbie costume for a friend's birthday party in Chelsea. Those who know Eugenie say she is more socially outgoing than older sister Princess Beatrice, who is in a serious relationship with Virgin Galactic employee Dave Clark.In June this year Eugenie was reprimanded after she was found naked in the grounds of £23,000-a-year Marlborough, where she was a boarder, following a drunken night out.‘Eugenie is the one to watch,’ a friend has said. ‘She loves to party and knows how to have fun. She’s a bit of a live wire.’Eugenie, who is about to embark on a gap year, has yet to step out with a serious boyfriend but did end the night with a mystery man in tow.Sources close to her say she has ‘many admirers’ but ‘no one special’ in her life.