Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swedish crown princess couple greets from Polynesia during honeymoon

The search for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on their honeymoon has been going on in both of Sweden's tabloids for several days. But it was Expressen who won last night. They found the couple on an island in French Polynesia, where they relax after an hectic time.
Both of them says that they are overwhelmed by the wedding, the turnout in the streets, and in front of television sets.
“It has been tremendous and we've talked a lot about it afterwards ... that we almost can not believe it's true,” Victoria said to Expressen.
The couple said they were worried in advance that they would not be present, and enjoy the days - something they think they nevertheless succeeded with.
“And as many said in advance 'make sure you enjoy the moment', we really did that. Wonderful," Daniel said.
Another worry was the weather. Victoria told Expressen that given the way it looked the day before the wedding, they were pretty nervous.
Victoria and Daniel snuck away in the middle of the wedding party on Saturday for a secret start of their honeymoon. They could borrow a private plane by the Swedish billionaire Bertil Hult that took them to French Polynesia, where they now are sailing around with Hult's luxury yacht.
“The opportunity was given us, and we wanted to get away to be alone. It's amazing here," the Crown Princess of Sweden said.
But that much peace and quiet has not been given the couple, since the tabloids were right behind them. Thomas Mattson, Expressen's editor in chief, writes on his blog about the dramatic episode of news journalism, "a drama of seconds”. The internet connection at the reporter's hotel ceased to function after the newspaper had found the royal couple. It was in the last seconds before the nightly deadline that the images from French Polynesia finally arrived.
Now, at least this tabloid promises that Victoria and Daniel will be left in peace on their honeymoon. "Now the Crown Princess and the Prince have had the chance to thank the Swedish people for the praise on Saturday, and therefore Expressen will no longer follow them," writes Thomas Mattson.