Friday, September 10, 2010

Focus on Princess Tatjana of Liechtenstein's wedding to Baron Philipp von Lattorff


It's incredible that we almost have/hear/read no news about the House of Liechtenstein. And I, who love watching royalty's photos, feel so sad not to be able to see and know more about them. And it isn't like they make any substantial public appearances in royal weddings in Europe or anything. But anyways, I found this picture today while browsing the web and wanted to share. Here is a little more about her (thanks Wikipedia):

Princess Tatjana Nora Maria of Liechtenstein (born 10 April 1973 in St. Gallen), married 5 June 1999, at St. Florin's in Vaduz, Baron Philipp von Lattorff, son of Baron Claus-Jürgen von Lattorff and Countess Julia Batthyány de Német-Ujvár (born 25 March 1968 in Graz). They have six children:
  1. Lukas Maria von Lattorff (born 13 May 2000 in Wiesbaden)
  2. Elisabeth Marie Angela Tatiana von Lattorff (born 25 January 2002 in Grabs)
  3. Marie Theresa von Lattorff (born 18 January 2004 in Grabs)
  4. Camilla Katharina Maria von Lattorff (born 14 November 2005 in Monza)
  5. Anna Pia Theresia Maria von Lattorff (born 3 August 2007 in Hausleiten)
  6. Sophia Katharina Maria von Lattorff (born 30 October 2009 in Hausleiten)