Thursday, September 16, 2010

[Sweden] Prince Carl Philip and controversial girlfriend share public kiss


Had there been any doubt that HRH Prince Carl Philip was serious about his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist, he has made a public statement saying so. The model was in a charity fashion show where all the profits were given to disabled children in South Africa. During the show the Prince remained quietly in the background, out of sight from the large amount of media present. After the show concluded Sofia thanked the audience for their attendance and support of the cause. She then joined the Prince on an open balcony and they shared a kiss. The couple did this knowing full well that a large number of photographers and journalists were present, so one can only assume that it was to make a statement. The couple, who have known each other for eighteen years, seem to be trying to stick it out over the objections of the royal family, and a large segment of the Swedish public.