Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Royal Wedding will see Britain enjoy a three-day week - and lots of partying

Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they would marry in Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, in a ceremony the couple said they wanted to share with the nation.
Their wedding day would be a bank holiday, Downing Street said. With Easter the weekend before and the May bank holiday on the Monday after, workers will be buoyed by consecutive four-day weekends.
It means those who want to get away from all the hoopla can take an 11-day holiday and use only three days of their annual leave. Elaine Wichall, 65, a retired receptionist, from Kent, said: ‘I think we Brits deserve it after all the bad news we’ve had recently.’
April 29 was one of the favourite dates amid the flurry of speculation
after the couple announced last week they were to be married.
Ministers caught the mood by telling councils they wanted it to be easy for people to organise street parties Instead of confusing guidelines on food licences, road closures and insurance – councils are being urged to ask organisers to complete one simple form.
Communities secretary Eric Pickles said: ‘Royal wedding street parties are a great British tradition.’
Publicans’ groups called for a loosening of licensing laws to ‘help deliver the down-to-earth celeb ration and feelgood factor the royal family has said it wants’.
Businesses grudgingly backed the extra day off but pointed out it would cost them £6billion. ‘The royal wedding is a day for national celeb ration and, under these unique circum stances, a one-off additional bank holiday is appropriate,’ the CBI said.