Saturday, April 23, 2011

[United-Kingdom] Prince William will spend night before wedding with his father and brother

Although being quite a modern couple, in line with tradition, Prince William and Kate Middleton will spend the night before their wedding apart.
And new reports have revealed that the Prince, 28, will be spending his with his father and brother Harry at St James' Palace.
"Prince Charles is a loving father who's a lot closer to his sons than people often realise," said a royal source.
"He's made it clear his priority in the hours before the wedding is his son."
Charles, 62, will return from his Easter break in Birkhall, Scotland, to be with William ahead of the biggest day of his life. St James' Palace is across the way from the Goring Hotel, where bride Kate, 29, will spend her last night before embarking upon life as a Princess.