Monday, May 16, 2011

How old are the European Hereditary & Crown Princes and Crown Princesses?

Princess Mathilde is 38. Her husband, the Duke of Brabant, turned 51 last month.

Crown Prince Frederik will turn 43 at the end of the month. His wife Princess Mary is 39.

Alois, the Hereditary Prince, is 42. His wife Sophie, the former Duchess of Bavaria, is 43.

Guillaume, the Hereditary Grand Duke (HGD) is 29. And single.

Well... complicated situation, but as PA2 still has no legitimate children, his older sister, Caroline of Monaco, Princess of Hanover, is the Hereditary Princess. She is 54. And now that I am thinking about it, the next regent of Monaco will be really young, if we consider Charlene gets pregnant in the 3 years. Okay, let's not plan ahead.

The Netherlands
This post is a bit dedicated to her, as tomorrow, Princess Maxima is turning 40. Her husband, the Prince of Orange, just turned 44.

Both Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit, born a month apart, are 37. What a synchrony those two!

United Kingdom
The Duchess of Cornwall is 63. Her husband, the Prince of Wales is 62.

Doña Letizia is 38. Her husband, the Prince of Asturias, is 43.

Our unique born-Crown Princess is 33. Prince Daniel is 37.

If we rank them by age, the girls would be:
Victoria, 33
Mette-Marit, 37
Mathilde, 38
Letizia, 38
Mary, 39
Maxima, 40
Sophie, 43
Caroline, 54
Camilla, 63

The boys would be:
Guillaume, 29
Daniel, 37
Haakon, 37
Alois, 42
Frederik, 43
Felipe, 43
Willem-Alexander, 44
Philippe, 51
Charles, 62