Sunday, May 15, 2011

[Jordan] Queen Rania continues her work to enhance education in her country

This is the young Queen Rania's most personal causes: enhancing education in Jordan. The Queen returned to share this dream with three new schools in the governorate of Al Mafraq, with the launch of the fourth stage of Madrasati, the initiative of the sovereign which oversees the modernization and improvement of education in schools across the country. A total of 93 schools, 22,000 students and 1,400 teachers in three districts of the province will benefit in this initiative. To date, have been renovated: 300 schools in Amman, Zarqa, Balqaa, Jerash, Ajloun, Madaba, Karak, Ma'an, Aqaba and Tafileh according to official sources.

During her visit to the female secondary school Mafraq, Jordan's Queen, who opted for an Arab-style dress instead of her usual set of Western designer suits, stopped at several sessions of the Madrasati forum in which discussions focused on the education sector development, both in infrastructure and curriculum, and discussed for two days issues such as the roles of teachers and health awareness in schools. Rania of Jordan said in her speech that "the King has always insisted that Mafraq should represent a model in economic development ... and hopefully it will be in the field of education."

The Queen urged all parties involved, including teachers, students and government officials, to maintain open communication channels between them to facilitate and ensure the improvements and progress. She also praised the role of teachers that despite the challenges have managed to use creative methods to inspire and educate their students: "These dedicated teachers are an inspiration to us all." The wife of King Abdullah II concluded by saying that the real value of the initiative lies in the fact that, in addition to restoration and renovation of the physical environment of schools, it provides personalized care and extra curricular needs of schools.

The Hashemite sovereign once again demonstrated her devotion to the children in her other school visits: a mixed primary school "King Abdullah II" and the primary school "Hay Al Iskan." The queen burst into gestures (caresses, encouragement, advice, attention ...) towards the kids during their tour of the classrooms and playgrounds and became interested in the explanations of the authorities on the reforms to be carried out at both sites. Just her nurturing way of being a modern Queen.

Queen Rania sat down with students and teachers at the secondary school for girls in Mafraq celebrating the release of the fourth phase of the initiative with a tasty Madrasati mansaf (a traditional Jordanian dish with lamb and yogurt and served with rice)