Monday, May 2, 2011

Koninginnedag: the Netherlands celebrate Queen's Day and so does her family

The Netherlands celebrates its Queen’s Day on April 30th. Locally known as Koninginnedag, Queen’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the Netherlands, its history can be traced back to the birthday of Princess Wilhelmina on August 31, 1885. After 1949, the date was changed to reflect Queen Juliana’s birthday on April 30. Though the birthday of the reigning monarch, Queen Beatrix, is on January 31, she officially celebrates the Queen’s Birthday, on April 30 as a tribute to her mother Queen Juliana, and because of the weather in January which limits the traditional outdoor activities. Festivities in the country are very lively, especially in the country’s capital, Amsterdam.
The holiday is famous for its “freemarket” activities all over the country in which people sell goods in the streets. Concerts and musical performances are held. The largest celebrations are in Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. People usually dress in orange, the color of the House of Orange-Nassau. Children’s games are very popular during this holiday because this day is also the last day of the summer vacation.
During the celebration, rather than receiving people at her residence, Queen Beatrix visits one or two places in the Netherlands where she is welcomed with cultural dances and old crafts demonstrations. This year, the visited the cities of Thorn and Weert, in Limburg. More than 100 000 people joined her and her family. Were present the Heir to the Throne, Prince Willem-Alexander, his wife, Princess Maxima, her son Prince Constantijn, his wife Princess Laurentien, her nephews Prince Floris and Prince Maurits and their wives.
Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima had just arrived from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding in London. Obviously, from the photos, we can see that the Crown Couple out shined the Queen and were the center of attentions. In fact, after a national survey, it was stated that 6 out of 10 Dutch want the Queen to resign for her son. There are rumors she will do so in 2013.


Princess Maxima with Princess Marilène, Prince Maurits' wife.

In the photo: Prince Constantijn, Prince Maurits, Princess Laurentien, Princess Marilene, Princess Aimée, Princess Maxima, Prince Willem-Alexander and Queen Beatrix on far right.

Isn't the family of Orange-Nassau the funniest in European Royalty?

We can see Prince Floris on the far right of the picture.

"If you like her then you should put a ring on it"

Funny to see Princess Laurentien dancing a little!