Sunday, May 8, 2011

[The Netherlands] Exhibition celebrates Princess Maxima's Ten Years in the country [VIDEO]

The exhibition Princess MÁXIMA, 10 years in the Netherlands will be on open at Paleis Het Loo from May 8th to September 4th, 2011. This unique exhibition will be highlighting the princess’s place in the royal family alongside the diverse social activities that Princess Máxima has undertaken during the past decade in Dutch society.

Princess Máxima has been living in the Netherlands now for a decade. As a wife and mother she has her role in the succession of the dynasty but she has also made an indelible mark on Dutch society and beyond through her intensive and accomplished work. Film and photographs of all the different roles Princess Máxima fulfils will be part of the exhibition. The princess has acquired a significant position in Dutch society.

The first official introduction of the Dutch people to the princess, namely the announcement of her engagement to Prince Willem-Alexander on television in 2001, is at the same time the start of the exhibition. Next comes the couple’s tour of the country to introduce the princess to the people of the twelve Dutch provinces. In 2002 came the wedding and then the christening of Princess Amalia. As wife of the Prince of Orange she is present at the annual state opening of parliament, the celebration of the Queen’s official birthday, state visits and special ceremonies at other foreign royal courts. Together the royal couple take part in official foreign visits and represent the Netherlands at major international events such as the Olympic Games.

Princess Máxima has a variety of social commitments. As patron of the Oranje Fonds charity, organisation she is closely involved in activities such as community work, buddy projects and promoting better prospects for young people. As honorary chair of the national partnership 'Centiq, Wiser in Money Matters', the princess seeks to draw particular attention to the importance for young people of learning about financial matters and how to deal with money. For years the princess has devoted her efforts at home and abroad to better access to financial services for all, some of them on behalf of the United Nations. She sees the promotion of entrepreneurship as an instrument for participation and economic self-reliance and dignity.

Princess Máxima always carefully matches her attire to the occasion. Some of her elegant outfits, reflecting her own stylish taste, will be on view during the exhibition including her magnificent wedding dress by the designer Valentino, some examples of ceremonial dress but also creations that she has worn for activities on all kinds of occasions.

I love when Maxima does her "be right back at you in one minute". Gotta love her!