Thursday, May 19, 2011

[The Netherlands] Princess Maxima promises not to change once she becomes the Dutch Queen Consort

Princess Maxima of the Netherlands said in a public television documentary celebrating her 40th birthday that when her husband, Prince Willem-Alexander, becomes king she will "continue doing the same things as before." "I'll be there supporting my husband when he is crowned king, but I will not become the head of state, and will continue doing the same thing so far," said the princess in the television interview. 

The documentary presents the future Dutch Queen as a multivalent woman dealing with her ​​three daughters and their public duties with great dedication. Conceived as a tribute to the Argentinian-born Princess before her birthday, the film shows images of the family life of the Prince of Orange's family and wife, especially with their three daughters, Princess Amalia (7 years), Alexia (5 years) and Ariane (4 years).