Thursday, May 5, 2011

Possible conversation between the Prince of Wales and President Barack Obama today at the White House

BO: "So, how was the wedding? I couldn't see it all... you know... OBL and all..."
PoW: "It was fantastic. I enjoyed it a lot. Can you imagine getting one of your girls married?"
BO (yellow smile): "Ah... let's not think about it just yet..."
PoW: "No, but really..."
BO: "Just drink your tea, man. Drink your tea. Want an apple?".

Now, off to the real deal; according to Hellomagazine, the Prince of Wales and the President of the United States met in Washington on Wednesday to discuss energy and environmental issues.
But indulging in a spot of small talk with the royal before getting down to the issues at hand, Barack Obama spoke of how the royal wedding had mesmerised the US.
The 49-year-old also expressed his amazement at how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge handled the enormous amount of pressure that accompanied the nuptials. He added that he himself could not have dealt with the pressures such a situation entailed. 
The conversation at the White House then turned to the military, and Prince Charles revealed he was highly concerned when Prince Harry served for 10 weeks in Afghanistan.
The White House later issued a statement saying: "President Obama warmly welcomed the Prince's work over three decades on environmental issues, halting deforestation and encouraging sustainable food production.
"The president also congratulated the Prince on the wedding of his son, Prince William, to Catherine Middleton and extended his best wishes to the newlywed couple."