Monday, May 2, 2011

Queen Margrethe of Denmark: the fashion recycler!

One can not say this lovely lady spends a lot of money on her clothes. I mean, Queen Margrethe sure wears the best designs from high fashion houses but she has no problem whatsoever in doing some repeats. I have got few examples to show you!

The Green-White Bow dress:
1 - Her husband Prince Henrik's 75th birthday (June 2009)
2 - For Crown Princess Victoria's Pre-Wedding Gala (June 2010)

The Lettuce Green dress:
1 - On her 70th birthday Gala (April 2010)
2 - On New Years' Eve night (January 2011)

Her favorite what to wear in April turquoise ensemble:

1 - Her balcony appearance on her 70th birthday [without the coat] (April 2010)

2 - For her twin grandson and granddaughter's christening (mid-April 2011).
3 - Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding (end of April 2011, right on time after the dry cleaning)