Monday, May 9, 2011

[Sweden] Prince Daniel launches "For A Healthier Sweden" Week

We had not seen our favorite "consort" Prince since THE wedding in London and King Carl XVI Gustaf's 65 birthday. 
This week, Prince Daniel will be launching "the "For A Healthier Sweden" with the National Institute in Ostersund. The week aims to highlight the importance of good eating habits and physical activity". And who better to call to sponsor such initiative than the former Personal Trainer turned Prince?
"Two thousand activities will be implemented throughout the country. The major question is to know if these activities can take place on several campuses at lunchtime, the time-slot that can attract the greatest interest from the youth.
But the program does not only focus on students; "its goal is also to address the intellectually disabled with a lighter form of gymnastics that will be executed both seated and standing" said Celie Nenzén, who, together with Anja Flares, are both working in physical training, are responsible for aerobics sessions.
The Duke of Västergötland was not only expected to launch the initiative but he will also be participating in at least two classes. And before he left, a student shared her love with a hug. Well, that's the spirit!