Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[United Kingdom] Prince William and his teammates rescued a judge in rescue operation

With the wedding behind him, Prince William is back to work in his role as a search and rescue pilot in Anglesey and has had to hit the ground running.
Involved in three rescue operations in the past week, the new Duke of Cambridge has proven that his high-profile nuptials have not distracted him from his duties.
One of those rescued was Nick Barnett a retired High Court judge from West Sussex.
After suffering a heart attack while walking in Snowdonia, the 70-year-old was flown to hospital by William.
The former judge – who is still in the hospital – thanked the Duke for his help and has praised his efforts.
Although the royal couple have quickly got back into their daily routine they do intend do take some time off at a later date to enjoy a romantic honeymoon.