Friday, May 13, 2011

[United Kingdom] Queen Elizabeth riding with grandchildren Lady Louise Windsor and Viscount Severn

A photograph of Queen Elizabeth II out riding with her two youngest grandchildren amid the bluebells of Windsor Great Park has been released.

The photo was taken in the Easter Monday sunshine to mark the start of the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Queen Elizabeth is shown on her black pony flanked by Viscount Severn and Lady Louise Windsor, the children of her son Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

Seven-year-old Lady Louise is ninth in line to the throne and was one of the bridesmaids at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding.

Her three-year-old brother James, who is eighth in line to the throne, is pictured with the monarch holding his pony's leading rein.

Both children were wearing riding hats but the 85-year-old Queen, who on Thursday becomes the second-longest reigning monarch in 1,000 years, was wearing her familiar headscarf.