Friday, May 13, 2011

What has Crown Prince Haakon of Norway been up to?

According to Svenskdam, Crown Prince Haakon recently visited Germany, more particularly, the city of Hamburg to "attend a particular port festival". 

But before that, he "grilled sausages along with young people in Oslo". Because he is THAT cool.

The Crown Prince celebrated last week "the 4H organization's 75th anniversary with young people in Oslo. Then he traveled to Germany where he attended a port festival in Hamburg, together with the mayor Olaf Scholz".

We have also learned that Haakon will continue his UN mandate. This means he will continue working on Human Rights for the UNDP as a "goodwill ambassador. 

When he took office in 2007 he said: "When I accepted to become a goodwill ambassador for UNDP, it was because I believe that all people have equal rights to develop. Therefore, I support the UN Convention to combat world poverty".