Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who will be the next pregnant royal lady?

Well, as almost all royal houses have given us 15 years of lavish and emotional weddings, we have less and less people to get married and more and more couples we are waiting to see grow a family. Because this is what we expect from the royal peeps: find the amazing girl, give her the amazing ring, showcase it during an amazing engagement interview, tease us for months with an amazing wait and weight loss until the ceremony, throw an amazing wedding, go on an amazing honeymoon (not all of them, but most of them) and then... in a few months, get us in a frenetic and less amazing baby watching mood.
So here are the young (and not so young) couples we want to see get pregnant and have lovely babies with royal genes before 2015.

Non European Houses
I do not think "pregnancy" and "Japan" meshes well together. Let's leave Masako alone.
With four kids, I have nothing to ask Queen Rania in this field. And I am not that familiar with all the other members of the Hashemite house.
Sheikha Mozah has 7 kids (kids... cof cof... they are older than me) and - at least - 11 grandchildren. I think we are good there.
Saudi Arabia
Does that lovely princess I just discovered yesterday have children? Would love to know.

Non-reigning European Houses
Princess Marie-Chantal gave Crown Prince Pavlos five kids in 12 years and Princess Alexia has had four with Carlos Morales from 2002 to 2007. I think we are done here and God bless their souls. Now, you, Princess Tatiana, welcome to the family, hope you are enjoying it very much, solo with handsome Prince Nikolaos. But clock is ticking and you have at least four or five kids to deliver in the next ten years to keep up with the pace of the Greek Royal family. Do not fail on us. Little suggestion: start soon and you will be done by 2021.

Reigning European Houses
Mathilde and Philippe have four children, amazing Astrid and Lorenz have five and younger prince Laurent did a 2 in 1 catch with his twin boys and has three children. I think that with 12 fresh and young grandchildren, King Albert II and Queen Paola can rest assured that their name will continue for several generation, Belgium existing as a united country or not.
I do not know why, but I feel Mary and Frederik will have a fifth child. But not now. Maybe in six or seven years.
I am sure Prince Joachim is happy enjoying his three boys but Marie and him just got married three years ago, have a lot to live together and am sure they would love to have more children. So I guess, sooner than later, maybe in two or three years, Marie will make such an announcement and we'll have a fourth boy or a first girl for our beloved Joachim. Beckham style.
Hans-Adam is the head of the state but his son Alois is taking care of the house. The Liechtensteiners are a bit like the Greek: they go for the big numbers when we count the children. Hans-Adam himself, has four children. Alois, his first, has four. Maximilian has a 10-year-old boy, Constantin has three kids and Tatjana - let's breathe - has had 6 kids since year 2000. Oh Tatjana, God bless YOU! So... I do not see anyone expecting a new one anytime soon. But you know what they say, 7 is a very good and lucky and biblical number...
To be pretty honest, the Luxembourgers are serious contenders for the "let's get them married" awards (need to write a POST) more than this post right here. Of course, we have precocious Prince Louis and wife, Princess Tessy who already started having children in their youth, but they are all pretty young and unmarried. Therefore, let's get Guillaume and Felix married quickly and come back to update this thread somewhere before 2015.
Well, Charlene, I know you didn't even get married yet, but from July on, you have 15 months to get pregnant before PAII is forced to adopt Andrea as his successor. Ahhh... kidding, no pressure. But please, have babies. So that Albert can prove us he can introduce us to babies once they are born and not when they already walk or are on their way to college.
The Netherlands
Pfffffffffff.... I do not see anyone getting knocked up in here. Maxima, Laurentien and Mabel seem to be FINE just the way they are with their 3-3-2 strategy.
Mette-Marit and Märtha-Louise are busy. But I would see the first have a fourth one in less than five years. But I am less confident in this bet than on the one that Mary and Fred will go for a fifth.
Cristina already said no way Jose, she is fine with her quartet. Elena is divorced and Letizia... I do not see Letizia having more children. She lost the race with Mary - as they seemed to be in tremendous synchro in the first five years of their married life - but things changed now and we will have Leonor and Sofia FTW.
United Kingdom
And Zara.
And Autumn. Bis.