Saturday, June 25, 2011

[Luxembourg] National Day Celebrations for 2011

Sébastien, Alexandra, Guillaume, Maria-Teresa, Henri, Louis and Tessy. But where is Félix?

June 23rd is Luxembourg’s National Day and the official birthday of the Grand Duke. The day also commemorates the birth of the greatest ruler of Luxembourg, the Grand Duchess Charlotte. She was actually born on January 23, 1896, but the celebrations were shifted to June for more favorable weather.

On the eve of the National Day, a torchlight procession lights the streets starting at 10 in the evening. A spectacular fireworks display is held in the Petrusse Valley. A mass is often held at the cathedral as well. After the fireworks, the city of Luxembourg City turns into a massive party with waffles, sausages, beer, music, and dancing in the streets. On the actual National Day itself, official ceremonies, military parades, and a 101 canon salute are held.

Princess Alexandra

Hands-on Grand Duke and Duchess

The Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume

As Guillaume is still unmarried, we often see his sister with him.

Tessy and Louis in a first outing.

Princess Tessy and Prince Louis in a second outing.

The youngest of the bunch, Prince Sébastien

I love the Grand-Duke and the Grand-Duchess together. They still got "the loves"!