Monday, May 21, 2007

Swazi royalty praised for Zwelithini's virgins

ZULU King Zwelithini has praised His Majesty King Mswati III and the entire Swazi Royal family for the role the played in grooming his children and instilling proper values in them.
The Zulu King was addressing hundreds of guests during Umemulo ceremony for his two daughters Princesses Lomkhosi (25) and Bukhosibemvelo (22) held at the KwaKhangela Royal Resident at Kwa-Nongoma over the weekend. He said he was pleased to see his daughters graduating into adulthood whilst they were still virgins and free from problems such as alcohol and drug abuse. The Zulu King attributed the success of his daughters to the values instilled in them by their mother, Princess Mantfombi who is a daughter to King Sobhuza II. “Undlunkulu Princess Mantfombi has been a good role model to my children. This showed that she was also from a family that brought up its children through the culture of respect and a great love for children’’, the King said. Umemulo is the coming of age for a child in a family. According to the Zulu culture when a member of their family attained puberty stage it is a must for the family to declare such by performing certain rituals to qualify her/him to adulthood. It was the same for Lomkhosi and Bukhosibemvelo after their parents realised the two ladies had already attained puberty stage and were ready for marriage. The King declared them ‘Omamgonqo’ (puberty subjects) and were placed into seclusion which lasted for a month during which they received counselling from selected members of the royal family. The girls spent the seclusion period under a make-shift structure called ‘Umgonqo’. The structure is erected by girls’ peers who also join in the month long seclusion camp. When the seclusion period elapses the community is invited to the event where the child celebrates his or her transitional period to motherhood or fatherhood. King Zwelithini and Undlunkulu Princess Mantfombi followed the same culture for their children on Saturday. They showered the two girls with gifts before opening the stage for guests to also give gifts too. His Majesty King Mswati III through Prince Qethuka Dlamini gave each girl some money. This gift was also followed by many from different well-wishers. Whistling sounds and cheers from the audience dominated the arena when Princess Lomkhosi received a Mercedes Benz Compressor from her fiancee Melusi Moyo while Princess Bukhosibemvelo’s fiancee Sipho Nyawo presented her with keys for a house worth E2.5m. The house is situated in Johannesburg. The King wished the girls well as they took a new direction in their lives.