Monday, May 21, 2007

Wedding bells for Wills and Kate at cousin's nuptials

When they announced the end of their five-year relationship last month, Prince William and Kate Middleton disappointed royal fans hoping to see the pretty brunette walking down the aisle with her prince. Now it seems the couple will be making a joint trip to church after all, when they attend the nuptials of Kate's cousin.The fashion assistant's former beau is apparently due to accompany her to the July 21 ceremony. "Kate and William will be going to the event together," a friend tells a British newspaper. "The plan for the day was agreed before they split up and William is determined he will still go with Kate. He wants to honour that commitment." Spending the day together shouldn't be awkward for the former couple who, according to the source, "still speak all the time and are on very good terms". And that outing may not be the only future reunion on the cards. According to the Sunday Express the pair intend to enjoy a holiday together at the Prince's cottage on the Balmoral estate in August. News of the continued closeness between the pair is sure to cause speculation among royal watchers about the possibility of a reunion between the pair. Reports of their decision to go their own way had no sooner emerged than friends were revealing that they could well rekindle their romance."There is no doubt that William and Kate were extremely close for a long time and you don't turn something like that off like a dripping tap," a relationship psychologist told the newspaper. "Kate has not let any upset show since her split. If she wants him back, she is going about it perfectly."