Friday, October 2, 2009

Caroline of Monaco's friend denies romance with Prince Ernst

Maryam Sachs, a family friend of Princess Caroline of Monaco, (pictured left) has denied she is romantically involved with Prince Ernst of Hanover.
Amidst reports of supposed marital problem between Caroline and her husband of ten years, Iran-born Maryam was said to be spending more time with Ernst and comforting him.
Reports also suggested that there had been a rift between Maryam and her own husband, London-based furniture designer Rolf Sachs.
Rumours of a growing relationship are "totally untrue", Maryam has confirmed. "It is just friendship."
The two couples often dine together, she adds. Princess Caroline has also denied any distance between her and her husband. Her friendship with Maryam goes back 24 years and she choose her as godmother to Alexandra, the princess' 10-year-old daughter with Ernst.