Thursday, September 9, 2010

Question: what is the relationship between Queen Noor and King Abdullah & Queen Rania?

What is the relationship between Queen Noor and her step-son, King Abdullah and his wife, Queen Rania?

I know that this is just speculation, but I haven't seen both queens standing together in an official event since 2004, both for Hamzah's wedding and Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia's wedding. And I had forgotten about this question that I sometimes asked myself, but I just looked into Queen Noor's profile on Twitter and she didn't address Queen Rania any official/public happy birthday wishes for the young queen's 40th birthday nor do they follow each other. I know it's just Twitter. But I follow my brothers and friends on twitter, even if it could be only out of courtesy. So, what do you think? Do they speak, have a private and nice relationship or is the family ripped apart?

*sorry for the bad quality in the chosen photo but it isn't as if we had a lot to choose from.