Monday, June 28, 2010

[Princess Victoria & Daniel Westling's Wedding] Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina and husband Iñaki

I still have a couple of pictures from the guests who attended Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Daniel of Sweden's wedding.
Here, the Duques of Palma de Mallorca - Infanta Cristina and her husband, Iñaki - and her sister, Infanta Elena.
Infanta Elena attended the event alone as she recently divorced her husband. But it didn't prevent her from doing a bold fashion statement wearing a almost flashy pink dress with a Torero-like bolero that was outstanding. People might like it (or hate it) but there is nothing like being different, having a different style and stand out in the crowd of boredom.
On the other side, her sister Infanta Cristina was a classic Greek goddess, preferring a light green draping to the classic white one. Congrats to both sisters.

RO Editor