Saturday, September 18, 2010

[Norway] The ad that is causing so much controversy in the Kingdom


”More quality makes your wardrobe, money and planet last longer”.

The ad for MQ that is stirring some major controversy in Norway. The princess’ husband, author and artist Ari Behn, has also been stirring up controversy again, first by publicly appearing in women’s clothing and then by appearing in fashion ads for a Swedish apparel maker that claimed it was getting “a royal visit” in its fall collections.
Behn has no royal title himself and is not officially a member of the royal family, since he merely married into it. The royals also have a long tradition of refraining from commercial ventures, but Behn seems to have ignored it, calling the clothes “hip” and claiming that working on the ad campaign was “very amusing.”
Behn is technically exempted from the commercial restrictions placed on the royal family, but royal commentator Carl-Erik Grimstad nonetheless called Behn’s latest activity “offensive” and “problematic.”