Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Denmark] How Princess Marie started growing on me...

It took me a bit of time to take interest on Princess Marie or to read and research more about her. I spent a few years being a Frederik-Mary fanatic, and Joachim was always a bit left out. Things have changed recently and I really like and admire their dynamic. Prince Joachim rebounded from his divorce with Countess Alexandra with a lot of integrity and discretion and Marie was introduced in a very smooth way, with a discreet courtship. We have also seen her attend her stepchildren's birthday at Alexandra's place, what is expected from a mature and respectful divorce relationship that followed. She always expressed herself elegantly - she was absolutely amazing during their engagement interview - and am sure she is gaining (if she has not gained already) the Danish people's heart. I am no Danish language expert, but those who are also commend her for her effort and almost flawless Danish. I have been watching Australian channel SBS's documentary called The Kingdom Behind The Scenes - check it out, it's really interesting - and knowing her better and appreciating the person that she is. And her presence at her nephew and niece's christening in mid-April (pictured), with such poise and elegance - and as a godmother - was the epitome of class expected from a real princess.