Thursday, April 28, 2011

[The Netherlands] If you always asked yourself in which language Princess Maxima talks to her daughters...

... ask no more. She speaks three different languages: mainly Dutch, and also English and Spanish. I really admire women able to raise their children in a language different then their own (thinking about Princesses Mary and Marie of Denmark, for instance).
In this video, we spend a few months - in seven minutes! - with Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima, with their two daughters, Princesses Amalia and Alexia. At the end of the documentary, one can perceive Maxima is pregnant with her latest one, princess Ariane. Also, we notice Maxima singing in Spanish, English and Dutch. These little girls are totally future bilinguals (if they aren't already!).

(for English subtitles, push the CC button on the video)