Monday, April 18, 2011

Dutch crown couple asked to sell mansion in Mozambique over controversy

A holiday home on a private estate in Mozambique, built for crown prince Willem-Alexander and princess Máxima, has not yet been sold, 18 months after the prince pledged to do so, the NRC reports on Saturday.
In addition, sources told the paper the prince and his family has stayed in the house on several occasions. The state information service RVD admits they used it during last year’s football World Cup in South Africa.
The couple said they would sell the house in November 2009 following a wave of negative publicity about the project, including claims of corruption, environmental damage and a lack of benefits for the local population.
'The prince will tell the prime minister as soon as the house is sold,' a spokesman for the RVD said.
The house, which is not on the open market, is thought to be worth about €2m.