Monday, April 18, 2011

[VIDEO] Prince William and fiancée Kate Middleton's visit to Darwen, in North West England

1/This video only lasts less than two minutes but I think I asked myself almost a dozen times how much Kate Middleton looks like Danish crown princess Mary. But I will not dwell with it, it has been talked about a lot and other princesses look like Mary too (let's not even get started with the uncanny similarities with her sister-in-law, princess Marie).
2/I love how cheerful the crowd sounds as they appear!
3/Kate was one step away of killing everybody around her with that huge umbrella
4/Throughout the video, you can see how chatty and lovely Kate is! She is getting really comfortable with these visits!
4 bis/BTW, when did she get THIS SKINNY? Princess Letizia pre-wedding effect?
5/Love that Prince William looks so interested and involved with what people tell/explain him.
6/Adored when he told the young designer "Sorry to bother you at work, interrupting"... what? you can come interrupt me at work anytime you'd wish to, dear Prince!
7/Argh! I want that Mondrian-YSL inspired dress!