Sunday, May 8, 2011

[Spain] Infanta Elena transmits her daughter Victoria Federica her passion for horseback riding

The King and Queen of Spain's eldest daughter finished number 14 out of 30 participants in a test for the Global Champions Tour of Valencia. Infanta Elena is spending her weekend following one of her greatest passions: horseback riding. She participated in amateur tests for the third edition of the Global Champions Tour (GCT) which started in Valencia on Thursday and will be ending this Sunday.
After competing last week in the National Contest of Badajoz, the Infanta arrived yesterday to the city of Turia with her ​​daughter Doña Victoria Federica who has inherited her mother's passion for horses.  But this time, unlike last September in the Madrid equestrian competition, we could not see her horseback riding. The Duchess of Lugo's daughter chose to go and pamper the horse that competed with Infanta Elena instead.
The arrival in Valencia of Doña Elena was scheduled for Saturday. At eleven o'clock the eldest daughter of the King had participated in a test of the competition, two-star category, with progressive difficulties and obstacles of 1.25 meters. The Princess has 53 points and finished in 81.15 seconds after Qantas, her horse, touched the fourth obstacle and refused to jump the eighth.
Elena was one of the last amazon to leave the track for this Trophy City of Arts and Sciences. Nevertheless, she finally managed to finish in 14th among a total of 30 participants. The winner of the test was the young Catalan rider Charles Villarrubia (65 points, 45.13 seconds).
After the competition, Infanta Elena left her role as a rider to enjoy another of her life pleasures: being a mother as she and her daughter showed a lot of affection in each others arms. 
The last time Infanta Elena was publicly seen with her two children was last Christmas. Her son, Don Felipe is studying in a boarding school in England but coinciding with school holidays, Felipe often travels back to Madrid.

At age 47, Elena has an amazing figure, doesn't she?