Saturday, June 25, 2011

[Belgium] Prince Laurent's daughter, Princess Louise's first communion reunites entire Royal Family

The lovely princess Louise, 7, at her first communion at the beginning of the month

Her parents, Prince Laurent and Princess Claire
Prince Laurent's sister, Archduchess Astrid and her husband, Archduke Lorenz attended with their younger daughter, Princess Laetitia Maria.

Princess Claire and her twin sons, Princes Nicolas and Aymeric

Queen Fabiola, King Albert and Queen Paola also attended.

The Duke and the Duchess of Brabant attended with their younger son, Prince Emmanuel

Although a few months ago rumors sprang from the Prince Laurent would stop being invited to the official activities of the Royal Family, the communion of his daughter was a very special and unique opportunity that could not miss and it looks that their assistance is intended to refute the information which echoed some Belgian media.