Monday, December 26, 2011

My royal news preview for 2012

What I said about 2011: Well, as much as I really like the Brabants, I do not see nothing new happening in this family. Everybody is more or less well married, full of kids and they have enough political problems to deal with already. Might be a quiet year for Belgian monarchy. 
What really happened: well, nothing special happened this year. Except a very rebel Prince Laurent but we are getting used to it. 
What about 2012: nothing special again yet... I have to confess I am a bit afraid for Queen Fabiola and King Albert II's healths.

What I said about 2011Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh! babies, two babies on the way! maybe three (if princess Marie is pregnant sometime during the year?). How excited are we about those twins? will it be a boy and a girl? two boys? two girls? what will be the names? I am very excited. It can happen anytime soon. It can be happening now, as you read this!
What really happened: and we got babies! Two! In January! Josephine and Vincent joined Christian and Isabella for the CP couple tribe. And YES, Princess Marie is very pregnant, so we will have more babies next year. 
What about 2012: I think it will be a boy for Prince Joachim and Princess Marie (a second for her and a fourth for her husband) + big celebration (tiara-like) for Queen Margrethe II's 40th year of reign.

What I said about 2011: Well, they are like that side to each family that never call or give news. Therefore, we do not know much about them and they do not know much about us. But we hope they are still alive and well and if we get to get any news, we hope they will be full of joy.
What really happened: Tatjana had a 7th kid. God BLESS HER! Seven children in twelve years of marriage!
What about 2012Nothing.

What I said about 2011What could possibly happen in Luxembourg in the future?
What really happened: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume turned 30.
What about 2012An engagement announcement for Guillaume, perhaps?

What I said about 2011This will be a big year for Monaco. The eternal-bachelor Prince Albert II is finally getting married to his beautiful South African goddess, Charlene Wittstock. She already looks like a princess, making us, royal watchers, damn proud.
This might also be the year we see Princess Caroline finally getting a divorce after so many public appearances without her husband, Prince Ernst of Hannover. Hope they do not keep that quiet so that is does not cause a turmoil: it already is a turmoil!
I do not see any engagements for now. Caroline's three older kids, the Casiraghi gang, are all dating seriously for years but still young and enjoying life and its bliss.
What really happened: The marriage went on (unfortunately, under a turmoil of rumours...) but we all think Charlene - sorry, Princess Charlene! - already has a bunny in the oven. It would not surprise me.
Oh, and Caroline did not get a divorce (I may think now that she never will), but her husband was seen holidaying in beaches with a 23 yo. Creepy. And the Casiraghi trio is faithful to itself: dating seriously with their 3 long termn partners but not engaged.
What about 2012a babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

The Netherlands
What I said about 2011Well, I think the same as of the Brabants for the Oranje. They are all set, married and working a lot to make the world a better place. I do not think any new pregnancies will be announced this year. It will be a year of growth, but not in quantity but as of quality for the Dutch.
What really happened: nothing new. Only highlight for me was Maxima's 40th birthday!
What about 2012nothing.

What I said about 2011I do not see either Mette-Marit or Martha-Louise being pregnant this year. The first is working hard alongside her husband to promote their country, their family (their youtube channel is a success) and Martha-Louise is too busy talking to angels (and defending herself on the matter).
What really happened: nothing special for the royal family. Maybe with the exception of CP Haakon & Mette-Marit 10 year anniversary celebration that was beautiful, specially after a period of deep mourning for Norway this year.
What about 2012nothing.

What I said about 2011There has been much speculation on whether King Juan Carlos resigns or not and makes his son - Crown Prince Felipe - King. I really don't know about this. I know his health is failing on him but I do not know how ready Felipe (or Spain) is ready to be made King this promptly. Time will tell. As for kids, I don't think Letizia will be pregnant again this year. Or ever again.
And I think it would be nice to see Infanta Elena move on with her love life. But thing is that she is one of the most discreet women in the world. Even if something was going on, she would preserve herself from the hassle of spotlight.
What really happened: King Juan Carlos I did not abdicate - but his (poor) health has been in the spotlight for a long time now. Nothing new for the Prince & Princess of Asturias nor Elena. But Infanta Cristina's husband Iñaki has been in the turmoil of scandal regarding his business activities. A pity, let me tell you.
What about 2012nothing (hoping Iñaki does not go to jail...).

What I said about 2011Could Victoria get pregnant this year, pretty please? Oh well, I would understand if she did not, as she seems to be enjoying her marriage like a young teen. And I am happy for her. But I hope a pregnancy comes along in 2011 or early 2012. Wouldn't we be ecstatic?
As for Madeleine, I hope she finds a new true love and can feel better and free to be back to Sweden on a normal basis, as she now "ran away" to New York to overcome her terrible break. I wish nothing but the best to her. Becoming more like her sister (physically) is also happening. Did you notice that?
As for Carl Orlando Bloom Philip, will he try to make his girlfriend, Sofia Hellqvist into a more... royal material? let's see what happens. I am excited!
What really happened: SHE. IS. PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What about 2012as for Princess Marie of Denmark, I also think CP Victoria and Prince Daniel will have a baby boy. Madeleine will continue in NY and, who knows, Carl Philip might introduce us officially to Sofia...

What I said about 2011Dear oh dear, this might be better than 1981. 30 years after, we finally have a wedding we are really looking VERY forward to. It will be massive, lavish but not too much and just a festival of happy tears, I feel it already. Let's not "overtalk" about it (at least, I know I won't on RO), just a constant stream of news without overdoing it. We want to be happy about the news and not vomit about William and Kate, do we agree?
I think this year can be Harry's. I mean, he is just THE bachelor, the free spirit, the grounded boy, the humanitarian, the man. The best man. His brother's best man, per se. He can grow a few years older this year. And I am pretty much looking forward to that.
And we also have the queen's Jubilee. But who could really only focus on it while we are longing for such a big wedding?
What really happened: okay, I made a mistake last year, the Jubilee is taking place in 2012. But the wedding went pretty well, watched by 2 billion people - I cried - and so did Zara's wedding to Mike Tindall. Now Prince William is The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, as predicted, is THE man. Plus, Autumn and Peter Phillips are expecting a baby.
What about 2012loads of trips for all the royal members for the Queen's Jubilee, a hopeful recovery for Prince Philip's health (he spent Christmas at the hospital) and MAYBE a pregnancy for Zara (but not for Catherine. Not yet). And Peter and Autumn Phillips might have a baby girl, a little sister to their Savannah. And Prince Harry still since and happy just like that!