Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Wedding] Chelsy Davy, The Beckhams, The Camerons

Chelsy Davy - Prince Harry's girlfriend - followed the Grand Duchess rule: wake up really early, wait, fall asleep, then wake up in a hurry and just go that way. But have a smoke first. This is the most disappointing Alberta Ferreti suit I have ever seen in my life. But rumor has it that her Evening Wedding Party dress, by the same designer, was stunning.

I was really looking forward to seeing Victoria Beckham. She is a non-royal, we know it, but as I had never seen her baby bump before, I was starting to doubt she was really pregnant. I even wondered if they had a surrogate. But I saw the bump during the wedding. I loved her dress (by Victoria Beckham herself) and little hairpiece but hated the shoes. I mean, they are unhealthy for anyone's feet, let's not imagine a 6-month pregnant gal.

Well, I am happy the whole David Cameron will wear a morning suit - just a suit - will go naked controversy ended up really well. He looked classy and good and did not try as hard as David Beckham just above. But his wife, Samantha... her Burberry dress is lovely but a hairpiece / fascinator / hat WAS mandatory at this wedding. If she tried to make a statement, it was a stupid one. Sam, I usually do not dislike you, but if you really did not want to go, you should have sell your invitation on eBay.