Monday, July 11, 2011

[United Kingdom] Prince Harry, the royal presence at the Formula One Grand Prix

Spanish driver Fernando Alonso was the final champion of the Grand Prix of Great Britain in Silverstone. It was his first race win this year and also a new victory to his team, Ferrari,  now totaling 27 wins as a Formula 1 driver. The Spanish national anthem rang again at the top of the podium of a Grand Prix Formula 1 and the Spaniard had an exceptional attendee, Prince Harry, who had the honor of delivering the trophy. Before the competition started, Prince Charles's youngest son wanted to encourage British race drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. Eventually the prize did not stay home and went to Alonso.

One of the most awaited pictures of the day was the picture taken of Harry and Jenson Button. It's been a few weeks that it's been rumored that the prince could be dating Button's ex-girlfriend, the model Florence Brudenell Bruce. The pilot and the prince held a friendly and relaxed meeting, in which they discussed the race strategy before the Grand Prix.